About us

About us

About us

Vision, Mission & Values

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A connected Beverley, thriving in later life.


To enhance the availability and quality of housing for those at a later stage of life from Beverley and surrounding areas. We invest in people not just properties, supporting those in a financial position, who our charity, can have a significant impact on their ability to live, not exist.


  • We’re great listeners and support our beneficiaries to engage in our development. Directing our investment for now and the future
  • We’re ambitious for ourselves and for the community of Beverley
  • We’re collaborative, recognising the strength in partnerships, leading partnership working across sectors private, public and voluntary for greater and more sustained outcomes for the community
  • We’re professional, aspiring to be a leading social business, using our heads just as much as our hearts. Making the right decision even when it’s difficult to make.

Our Why

We believe that people should have the opportunity to thrive in their retirement. We support this vision by investing in exceptional people and properties. We genuinely care not just about what we do, but also about how we do it.

To achieve this, we invest time and resources to listen to the evolving needs of residents. Gathering this vital insight enables us to design, build and offer, high quality, affordable and independent homes and services.

Our properties are always based within minutes of public transport and wealth of social and well-being activities, ensuring we provide accommodation and a service, that enables those in retirement to live in Beverley, not just exist.

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