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Case Studies

The Power of Volunteering in the Beverley Community

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Finding Purpose

Volunteering is a fantastic way to infuse purpose into our lives. In Beverley, numerous opportunities are available, ranging from charity shops, Citizens’ Advice, community companions, sports teams, and local theatres. Many residents engage in volunteering to find fulfilment and to enjoy a sense of community.

One such resident, Rich Bushby, continues to radiate the flames of community service long into his retirement. As a former firefighter, he now serves as a driver for Beverley Community Lift, dedicating regular hours to transport people around the town and beyond for outings and events.

Since 1970, Beverley Community Lift (BCL) has provided a vital life-line to many people in the town, who cannot comfortably use other forms of transport.

Collaborating with Beverley Community Lift

Our collaboration with BCL, includes day trips and events like the Driffield Extravaganza last year and visits to Laurel Vines Vineyard. It has proven invaluable. Their transport service not only offers great value but also provides an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow passengers.

This partnership exemplifies the notion that a community is as strong as the individuals who actively participate in its growth. Involvement by Rich and others who volunteer locally, highlights the power of individuals coming together to create a vibrant and caring community.

Rich explains: “Volunteering transforms retired days into a powerful force for good. BCL provides essential transportation services to those who may face mobility barriers. The impact is significant, especially as many older residents become more isolated with age. I know that offering them a friendly and enjoyable lift can truly brighten their day.”

Andy Barber, Chief Executive of Beverley Housing Charity says: “Knowing they are helping out brings so much joy to individuals; it gives them purpose. Volunteering has the power to create a ripple effect, inspiring others to embrace the spirit of service. The connections formed through volunteer work become threads that weave a tighter community fabric.

“At Beverley Housing Charity, we aim to encourage residents to explore volunteering opportunities. Websites such as can provide a glimpse of what’s available locally.

“Rich thoroughly enjoys his role as a volunteer driver. His journey from a retired firefighter to a community volunteer exemplifies the profound impact that one person can have on the wellbeing of others.”

Excellent Feedback

Fiona Wales, Manager of Beverley Community Lift, explains: “We are pleased to see Rich is getting so much out of his role with us. We always receive great feedback from passengers who commend his friendly approach. 

“Volunteering is indeed a two-way street, and a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.

“Anyone interested in joining us is welcome to get in touch via our website HERE."

We look forward to sharing more stories about our residents' volunteering activities shortly.

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