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Beverley Housing Charity - became the working name of Beverley Consolidated Charity officially in May 2023. The charity was originally formed by an amalgamation of a range of historic Almshouse properties in the Beverley area that can be dated back to the 1800s, hence our registered Charity name of Beverley Consolidated Charity.

The vision and dedication from several Beverlonians then enabled the charity to have a strong asset base and provide a platform for our current volume of properties to remain the highest quality and enable the continued growth of more affordable housing to meet the ever-increasing demand. 

Our properties sit within quiet corners of the beautiful town of Beverley.  At the heart of modern living, many of our homes are tucked away, whilst providing safe, quality accommodation for small communities to flourish. 

We are proud to be an Almshouse Charity, providing accommodation for those who have reached state retirement age, who are in financial need, and have been, residents of Beverley, Molescroft, Woodmansey or Tickton for ten years or more.

We combine the historic values of Almshouse living with modern developments that enable independent living for singles and couples. Although we do not provide any care provision, we are a caring organisation and we pride ourselves knowing our residents by name, not just house numbers. 

By charging maintenance instead of rent, it is estimated we save our beneficiaries collectively over £360,000 a year against local rental values, whilst also providing safety and longevity by working with beneficiaries to aid them to reside in a home that is suitable for their needs through the stages of their retirement.

Currently, we provide a home to over 250 people, across our range of 1 and 2 bedroom accommodation in the form of independent living.

We invest in enabling, allowing our residents to live a full life independently, encouraging community activities, and sign posting services to our residents. Working with other local services from community transport to aiding residents to access the benefits they are entitled to and expand their support at home and in the wider community.

Our team particularly loves working with our friends at Beverley Community Lift Welcome | Caring, voluntary transport service, Cherry Tree Community Centre Beverley Cherry Tree Community Centre | Advice | East Yorkshire and the memorial hall Beverley Memorial Hall – a Charity for the Local Community, to name a few. 

We build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with the private, public, and voluntary sector organisations in and around Beverley. Endeavouring to invest locally whenever possible.

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