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Case Studies

Our Head Gardner is also Head of Wellbeing

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Our Gardener Steve Helliwell-Morris, often goes above and beyond the call of duty. So much that we also refer to him as Head of Wellbeing, here at Beverley Housing Charity.

While he was busy preparing some flower beds, we caught up with Steve to find out more about his role.

As Gardener and Handy Man, Steve has worked at Beverley Consolidated Charity since 2012. He had already worked as a sub-contractor from 2006 and prior to this he was self employed as a gardener from 1998. At the start of his career, Steve had worked for ten years at Humberside County Council, in Supplies and Purchasing.

He explains: “I had always wanted to work outdoors and after ten years working for the local authority I took the plunge to become my own boss. I’m pleased to say I never regretted this decision, even when it’s freezing cold or chucking it down, I always enjoy coming to work.

“Gardening can seem like a cushy job, but it’s physically demanding and can be hard work. On the flip side, it’s also the best therapy I could ask for. Overall, it keeps me fit and well.

Steve’s Role

“My role is mainly gardening and landscaping. I support residents to maintain their outside spaces; cutting back hedges and plants to keep these areas tidy throughout the year. Some residents like to look after their plants flowers so I tend to do the heavier and higher jobs. I also manage the communal gardens, which I love.

“Residents of Beverley Housing Charity are able to live in their properties for the rest of their lives or until they have a greater care need. Therefore, I have known some of them for the entire time I’ve worked here.

“A large part of my day is spent at communal sites in close proximity to residents’ properties. So I get to know people really well.

Head of Wellbeing

“From a wellbeing point of view, I’m in regular contact and get feedback about the charity, good things that have happened, as well as property issues. I can also keep an eye on residents, spotting changes in behaviour which could be early signs of memory problems and other health related issues.

“I have also alerted residents to scams. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen very often but unfortunately some dishonest people have targeted residents, trying to dupe them into making false payments. In either case, we can report back and arrange with the family to get extra support if required.

Caring Environment

“Although Beverley Housing Charity is not sheltered housing, it is a very caring environment. We help residents where we can - this can be as simple as changing a light bulb to arranging a Lifeline for confidence in the home.

“During the course of the year, I see all of our residents and always remember what they’ve told me. I love hearing about their lives and feel that I have built friendships.”

Handy Man

As a handyman, Steve can also be found installing and recoding key safes, putting up washing lines, changing lightbulbs and assisting residents with lifting and fetching.

What do you think of Beverley Housing Charity?

“The charity has changed a lot over the time I’ve been here. We’ve always provided a fantastic service but times are changing and we with a new approach, we are better equipped to keep up the pace.

“Many local residents are experiencing financial difficulties - they need us more than ever before. Fortunately we have a stock of excellent property. This along with some exciting plans we are creating a solid bedrock for future generations.”

Community Partners

“I am very happy we are working with the Cherry Tree Community Centre and Beverley Community Lift. We also interface with other charities such as Age UK. Together we have a greater impact to support local people.”

Residents’ Criteria

“Almshouses were initially created for people in housing need and although we don’t have that same level of poverty, many people are experiencing social and financial issues and the cost of living crisis means people have to make difficult choices. Therefore, our criteria is to focus on those in need and not those who are simply downsizing.”

The Best Bits

“The main thing is working amongst the residents. They are all really nice people and great to be around.

“Work in the gardens is very satisfying but I also get a buzz out of helping people, doing a good deed has real feel good factor.”

Spare Time

Steve loves running and cycling. He enjoys spending time with his wife, eating out and going to the cinema.

As new grandparents, the couple are also enjoying time with their baby grandson and like to support their daughter and son-in-law. 

Steve and his son Lee enjoy watching Hull City and star gazing with Lee’s new telescope.

Changes at Beverley Housing Charity

“I’m pleased that we are starting to raise our profile to shine a spot light on the way we can help local people.

“Whilst we are becoming a modern, go-getting organisation, I feel confident that we’ll maintain our traditions and values to create something that Beverley people can be really proud of.”

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