Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

An Unexpected Life Change

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Following a marriage breakdown, Gill found herself in a situation she never imagined and was without a home of her own.

Gill is in her late 60s living in Beverley, close to her loving family and friends she has known for all of her life.

She grew up as part of a tight-knit community on Coltman Avenue at a time when everyone left their doors unlocked and people were in and out of each others houses.

This is a time any of our residents remember fondly and for Gill its where she grew up and made a home for her own family.

Working Life

Gill mostly worked in pubs and cafes, including the Kings Head, Atrium Cafe and Vanilla, where she enjoyed baking and cooking. Prior to retirement, Gill had a career change to become a carer as part of a private team to look after a former neighbour, a job she loved.

She admits to struggling with retirement, missing the structure of a working week. But fills her time with walking, reading, being with friends and family and her love of baking. She gets regular requests for her special chocolate Guinness cake and lemon muffins. Gill is on the look out for volunteer work and plans to start a cake decorating course.

Many years ago, Beverley Housing Charity operated a list for anyone who would like to express interest for the future. Gill put her name down but then re-married and called to cancel her application.

Housing Need

When marriage ended acrimoniously, she left the marital home and moved into a temporary property, all the time enquiring with East Riding Council but knowing that she was at the bottom of a very long list, Gill didn’t have much hope. When she got back in touch with Angela at Beverley Housing Charity we arranged for a viewing at one of the properties in Beverley town centre, which was being completely refurbished.

Friendly Team

A number of family members are residents of Beverley Housing Charity and she has always been familiar with the charity. Gills explains:

“The team at BHC really look after residents. My mum and other family members had lived in their properties and the odd time I had to get in touch, any issues were dealt with really quickly and the team is always very kind and friendly. So when the time came for me, I was pleased to hear they had a home available which suits me perfectly.

“Steve is great. He once saw me putting salt on the frosty path and came back with a bucket of salt for me and my neighbour to use. It’s the small things and personal service that sets BHC apart.”

Property and Location

“I was so relieved to get a BHC home. Private rentals can be really expensive but this is affordable and the house is so central in Beverley that I can walk to the shops and to see friends and family.”


“As I’ve been with BHC for just one year, I’ve only been to a couple of events but it’s nice to meet up with other residents. I’d like to put on a baking session and offer some help to the team.”

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