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Case Studies

Case Studies

Aging Well with Social Connections

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Fifteen years ago, Rich moved to Beverley following a significant life change. He had spent his career as a firefighter in East Yorkshire, finding Beverley Housing Charity after a period in rented accommodation, the charity provided Rich with a place he could call home.

Community Service at its Best

Upon reaching retirement, Rich found himself at a crossroads in life, after dedicating his career to serving as a firefighter, he faced the next era in his life. With friends in Beverley, the community felt like a place to enjoy retirement but finding a forever home was to be a challenge.

Lifeline for Many

Richard invested in volunteering, connecting with Beverley Community Lift a leading local charity for social mobility and the alleviation of loneliness for its beneficiaries and volunteers. Recognising the importance of his volunteer work. Richard said, “for some, the weekly shopping trip might be their only chance to venture outside and socialise” he went on to say, I am proud to be a volunteer and give back, but volunteering has equally given me so much as well.”

Vibrant Social Life

Beyond his volunteer work, Rich is an active member of social clubs, he enjoys playing snooker, and loves walking around the town. He enjoys his family, with two children and six grandchildren, and is open to meeting new people through his socialising.

Home with Heart

During his volunteering, Rich used to frequently pick up and drop off a lady who lived in the same house he does now. He always admired the accommodation and felt it would be a great place to live in retirement. When his private landlady put his home up for sale, leaving Rich potentially homeless at short notice he applied to BHC and a property on the site became available. 

Rich appreciates the team as well as the home at BHC, he receives support and advice and is pleased with the positive changes he's seen under our new CEO, Andy's leadership.

Property Repairs and Maintenance

Rich compares BHC to private rentals and sees that property repairs and maintenance are a priority for the charity as well as the affordability. His bungalow had several age-related issues which have been remedied with no hassle involved.

“The team is lovely, says Rich, “If I have any issues I can just pick up the phone and I know that it will be dealt with immediately. Overall though I haven’t experienced anything significant. These properties are in good condition as they’ve been well maintained over the years.”

Overall, Rich embodies the spirit of BHC, highlighting the meaningful connections that can be created and we're pleased to have Rich as a valued member of the Beverley Housing Charity community.

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