We are pleased to see that two new benches have been installed at the Flemingate Bowling Club, thanks to the support of Beverley Housing Charity and the skilled work of East Riding College.

Following an incident of vandalism where two of the spectator benches were damaged, Beverley Housing Charity recognised the importance of the bowling club to local residents, including some of the charity's own beneficiaries. The team at Beverley Housing Charity worked closely with the Flemingate Bowling Club to assess the damage and identify potential replacements.

Beverley Housing Charity provided a financial contribution of £500 to support the replacement of the benches. We also connected the bowling club with East Riding College, whose skilled students were able to refurbish and rebuild the benches.

Richard Stokes, a member of the Flemingate Bowling Club's fundraising team, expressed his gratitude for the support received. Working alongside Jo Scrivener, who leads the club's fundraising and events programme, he said, "These benches will really help the club over our bowls season, and all of the team are grateful. Thank you."

The new benches were delivered on Thursday, and the Flemingate Bowling Club is now ready to welcome its members and spectators for the upcoming season.

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