This property is tucked away, just outside the town centre.

Can you describe the characteristics or features of your favourite almshouse property? The location, but equally the design of the properties gives you the perfect mix of town centre living, but in a home that’s a-kin to living in a quaint village style home.

How does the location benefit? Hugely, despite being on a main road, they are sat back sufficiently to give you a peaceful way of living with a good deal of privacy.

How does the atmosphere or environment of the property differ from others? The unique design in the town centre also makes Bielby court a special place in the community.

Have there been any memorable events or stories associated with your favourite almshouse property that stand out to you? The beneficiaries (as with the majority of our sites) are so appreciative of what the homes have to offer, and I see every day how these homes help people live not just exist.

Does the history or heritage influence your attachment to it? Built in 2003, the site was named after one of the most influential board members that the charity has had. The land was maximised for our beneficiary base, more units could have been crammed in, but this would not have followed the ethos of quality affordable living.

Are there any specific amenities or facilities close-by that you appreciate or find beneficial for residents? All that Beverley has to offer is just seconds away on foot! 

Have you witnessed any positive impacts on the lives of residents at this or any of the other almshouses? We have a couple on site, who adore their home, it has played a major part in their many years of happiness together.

Does your favourite property have a sense of community among residents? Yes, each property opens up into a courtyard, supporting daily conversations and support as and when required, whilst still having privacy when you wish for it. Residents have taken the lead on bringing the gardens to life supported by Steve, our Gardener and Head of Wellbeing.

How does the architecture or design contribute to its overall appeal? Like several of our sites, it adds to the value of Beverley, making it a perfect place to live.

Finally, how would you describe Beverley to someone who had never been before? A town that has the perfect combination of everything you need to live a healthy and happy life.

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