Transporting us back to the Middle Ages, a time where traditions and symbolic gestures held great significance, it was customary for the seller to present a piece of turf or wood to the purchaser upon the sale of the land. Drawing parallels from this historical practice, Eric Bielby marked the occasion by presenting symbolic coins to Karen Knapton, a gesture rich in history and tradition.

Andy Barber, Chief Executive, Beverley Housing Charity said: “What a difference the community hospital has made to all residents of Beverley and the surrounding area over the last 15 years, as an effective extension of primary care and medical support, local people have gained access to rehabilitation, palliative care, intermediate care and surgical care, as well as emergency and maternity facilities.

“This stands as a testament to the transformative impact of the land once owned by Beverley Housing Charity (formerly Beverley Consolidated Charity). As we commemorate this anniversary, we look forward to unveiling more examples of positive change that have emerged from our foundations.

“Funds raised from the sale of the land enabled the charity to invest in further development to create more homes in the centre of Beverley, which have gone on to improve health and wellbeing for local people. 

“Indeed, the Community Hospital has become a beacon of progress, offering vital healthcare services to the community. The foresight of the agreement made fifteen years ago has rippled through time, leaving a lasting legacy of improved health and wellbeing for Beverley and its residents.

Pete Beckwith, NHS Trust Director of Finance said: “For the last 15 years the East Riding Community Hospital has provided our local community with a variety of services and care. As a local resident myself I have seen first hand the benefits presented by the hospital to our community. I am delighted to attend the hospital on behalf of the Trust to celebrate the services delivered for the last 15 years.”

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