Inspections prioritise residents over properties.

As a team throughout the year, we gain a comprehensive understanding of some of our residents' needs, as well as, from a maintenance perspective, the challenges their homes face. A phone call is not always the best way to engage with someone, and face-to-face interaction consistently breaks down barriers.

Each of the 161 properties owned by Beverley Housing Charity as part of its collective estate in the town has a unique story behind it. As a charity, we believe the resident brings that story to life.

Andy Barber, CEO of Beverley Housing Charity, has personally conducted all 161 inspections this year. He said, "I wanted to see each property and meet all of our residents as soon as possible. To lead this charity, I need to understand our current offerings but, more importantly, know our beneficiaries’ needs and how we can optimise each property.

“The inspections have been shaped with feedback from our residents and also from the team here at BHC. We are now considering loneliness scores, access to other services and community groups, IT skills, training and learning opportunities, and independence levels, alongside assessing the property inside and out.”

All inspections completed

By the end of Autumn, Beverley Housing Charity had inspected more than 90% of all its properties, yielding excellent and insightful feedback. Andy adds, “It’s great to understand each resident’s story, why they live with us, and the standard of living they have. We are picking up on our traditional maintenance feedback but also gathering rich qualitative information that can help us shape our offerings to meet our beneficiaries' current and future needs.”

Resident Feedback

Feedback indicates that residents feel heard, positive actions have been taken in the last year, and they have benefited from resolving long-standing issues such as returning to cyclical maintenance after COVID-19, including external decoration.

The charity also received feedback for being on a proactive footing when residents reached out for extra help. One resident undergoing cancer treatment needed to shower more frequently. The shower was near the end of its life cycle and did not provide the comfort and security that would make life easier for both the resident and their partner.

The resident said, “It’s such a relief; we love our home with Beverley Housing Charity, but this one thing really has made an incredible difference. I’m no longer worrying about the shower when I have my treatment. For many, taking a shower is just an everyday thing you don’t really think about, but it’s necessary to aid me in my recovery during treatment.”

Great progress but always room for improvement

Beverley Housing Charity recorded an average score of 4.51 out of 5 for how happy residents are with their homes. This average score is well above national averages and reflects the quality of the housing and service provided.

Andy Barber continues, "We have been delighted with the feedback but equally understand the areas in which we can still improve. We pride ourselves on being approachable and great listeners, and this year’s scores and feedback show that this really does make a difference.

“We have a wonderful team, from Steve out in our gardens speaking with residents daily and brightening up their lives, to the responsive team in our office; Angela and Claire are on hand, helping with maintenance requests but now also assisting with energy companies, and power of attorney.”

Next steps

Now that the charity has conducted a comprehensive review of the properties and its beneficiaries, the operational team working with the board of trustees has developed an investment plan to 2030. This plan will see significant financial investment in its existing properties while also seeking growth with further Almshouses set to be developed in the future here in Beverley.

To find out more on who can benefit from an Almshouse please contact our team via 01482 881052 or email 

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