A recent incident of vandalism at the Flemingate Bowling Club left the benches damaged.

Recognising the importance of the bowling club to local residents, including some of the beneficiaries of Beverley Housing Charity's homes, the charity has stepped forward to offer support to the club, which is located at the Flemingate site next to Beverley Leisure Centre.

The team at Beverley Housing Charity got together with Flemingate Bowling Club to assess the damage and identify potential replacements, they provided a financial contribution of £500 and linked them into East Riding College for the rebuild of the benches.

Andy Barber, Chief Executive at Beverley Housing Charity, said: “Flemingate Bowling Club plays a significant role in our local community, offering a gathering place for residents to connect, socialise, enjoy team spirit and participate in outdoor activities. This fits perfectly with our ethos as an almshouse charity, for people to live not simply exist as they get older. I was saddened to see their benches damaged due to vandalism. Given the Club's importance to local residents who meet our criteria, for retirement property in the town, we were able to donate £500 to help ease the burden of replacing the benches.”

Richard Stokes member of the fundraising team, working alongside Jo Scrivener who leads the fund raising and events programme at the Club, said "Flemingate Bowling Club has been an integral part of the Beverley community since the 1920s, initially established by Hodgson's Tannery as part of their sports and recreation club. We offer residents a welcoming venue to gather, socialise, and revel in the outdoors.

"We are delighted to have forged a new partnership with Beverley Housing Charity, an organisation that plays a crucial role in providing housing for those in need within Beverley.

"Our gratitude goes out to the Charity and East Riding College, who have joined forces to restore seating for our club members and spectators, ensuring that the heart of our community remains vibrant and connected."

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