Chartered Building Surveyors

Central to these improvements is the team of Chartered Building Surveyors at Delaney Marling Partnership. Kevin Marling collaborates closely with our team on a weekly basis, devising plans and cost estimates for the necessary renovations.

Delaney Marling Partnership has extensive experience in working with aged properties. Simon Delaney, the other partner in the firm, is the Surveyor for Beverley Minster Old Fund, a charitable institution established in the 1500s to uphold the integrity of the ancient building.

Dedicated to Almshouses

Functioning as a benevolent and economical form of community housing, Almshouses throughout the UK are entrusted to cater to local residents in need of housing support.

Impressive Property Portfolio

Our collection of 162 properties in Beverley boasts a range of ages, spanning from a decade to the Charles Warton old hospital building, which dates back to 1689 on Minster Moorgate.

Our residents reside in these properties during their later years, frequently remaining for two decades or more and when they become vacant, the properties undergo comprehensive upgrades and refurbishments.

Our partnership with DMP commenced in 2019, just before the COVID-19 lockdown, when the former Beverley Consolidated Charity required building surveys.

“We have developed a strong and collaborative relationship with DMP. Kevin has seamlessly integrated with our team, taking the time to genuinely understand our residents and properties. This has empowered us to progress with confidence in enhancing our housing stock, effectively managing emergency repairs and renovations, all due to their invaluable expertise.”

Andy Barber, Chief Executive, Beverley Housing Charity

Advocates for Charitable Causes

"DMP generously conducted the initial property survey without charge, which enabled our small team to comprehend the report's findings and grasp the scope of the required works.

“Kevin adeptly oversaw the refurbishment of two initial properties on Cartwright Lane and Lairgate, as well as the four properties at Maison de Dieu on Morton Lane.

“He also assessed various other BHC properties, offering guidance on specific issues and defects that residents had encountered. As Chartered Building Surveyors, DMP not only identifies solutions for these challenges, but also ensures residents' peace of mind and the properties' sound condition.”

Serving as building surveyors and project managers, DMP supervises the tendering phase, compiles schedules of work, and coordinates all stakeholders, including contractors and consultants, throughout the process.

We wholeheartedly endorse their services.

For further details, please visit their website HERE.

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