The new Beverley Housing Charity website may just be a simple window for many to see the great work we, the charity, do and how to access our support. Still, in the coming weeks and months, it will provide a platform for residents wishing to access critical information.

Our website will grow with residents’ IT abilities, as many of our forms and procedures will be listed on the site and made easily accessible to our residents; it is also hoped that residents can upload feedback and maintenance repair requests if they wish.

These changes are not happening instantly. Working with the Residents’ Committee, the Beverley Housing Charity team will design these pages to be accessible to all. We will provide additional IT training to those who want it, but also continue to value of a phone call or a face-to-face visit and a cuppa! 

The changes come following CEO Andy Barber’s meetings with residents. Andy said, “We have residents of all ages in retirement from 60 to 95 with an average age of 77 years and 2 months. It is essential to us that going forward, we aid residents to access our support in the way they wish, making the communication and messaging targeted to individual’s wishes.”

Communications to suit You!

The website has been designed by Umber Creative, working with the team at Beverley Housing Charity, who work closely with us. Kevin Wilkie from Umber Creative said, “What’s great to see through this piece of work is the willingness to learn from some, but the honesty and wishes of others to not get on the tech train, but instead continue to value of a good conversation.

“We love working with charities in the local area on projects such as this, as we can see the direct impact our work is having. On visiting some of the properties and meeting some residents with Andy and his team, it’s clear to see the compassion by all for the residents, but equally the vision for continuous improvement; the biggest testimonial I could give is on seeing many of the homes, I’d happily live or see a family member of my own live in any of them."

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